The emphasis at Jansen Photo is first and foremost on quality service. We provide personalized service that is sometimes very difficult to find. But why have personalized service? Why not just go to the places that do high volume services at bargain prices?

Have you ever been on the phone trying to figure out which of the menu choices to select and wait only to find that your concern just didn't fit the pre-selected options? Have you ever been in a large store when you couldn't find something (including the help)? There are just times when you want to talk to a live person who understands both what you want and can provide it for you! That's Jansen Photo. With our personalized services we can often show you ways to get more of what you want for less without compromising quality.

We make a point of listening well to your needs. We will meet in person, talk on the phone or correspond by email until we understand what you want. Initial consultations are free. We are not satisfied until you are.

There are many things that most people do not know about photography and imaging in general. Whatever it is that you want personalized you have the attention of an expert to talk to. Sometimes you don't even know the right question to ask. We can suggest options to think about. You can sit at the computer with us to see exactly how certain options look before getting your work completed.